NON GMO Soy flower

Van Zutven can grind soy to an ultra fine product, used in milkreplacers for calves and piglets. 

A very fine granulometry and a high consistency; these are the most important product properties of Van Zutven’s NON-GMO Hipro soy flour. 

Soy protein has a high biological value. This means that the ratio of amino acids in the protein is favorable for the growth of calves and piglets. Amino acids are the building blocks for animal protein. For this reason, soy flour can be an interesting product to supplement milk powders for calves and piglets. 


Soybean meal is naturally poorly soluble. And that’s where Van Zutven’s expertise comes in; ultra-fine grinding of the soya meal into flour. Customers wishes can vary from 200 µm to smaller than even 50 µm. This particle size, or granulometry, is important for the degree of digestibility and absorbability in the intestine of young animals. During the grinding process, the product is dried in a few more percent, which increases the protein content per tonne of product. Also handling properties increas with an increased dry matter percentage of the product.


Currently, a discussion is taking place about the advantages and disadvantages of using soy products in Dutch feed & food. Van Zutven only purchases soy products from licensed companies in the Netherlands. In addition, Van Zutven processes these products without using natural gas and with electricity from our own solar panels. The residual heat released is reused in our climate control system.

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