Van Zutvens activities

  • Logistics

    The collection of raw materials and the delivery of the processed product can be arranged by the logistics team at Van Zutven, both in bulk and in packaging.

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  • Packaging

    From unpacking consumer products or emptying boxes, to filling 5 kg bags and loading to bulk; at Van Zutven it is possible.

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  • Mixing

    To blend various dairy raw materials, or standardizing multiple batches of one raw material, is something that fits Van Zutven perfectly.

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  • Grinding

    Grinding both dairy and vegetable raw materials to the desired particle size requires knowledge and experience. Van Zutven can mill from 1000µm to 10µm.

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  • NON GMO Soy flower

    NON GMO Soy flower

    At Van Zutven, NON GMO Hipro soya is ultra-fine-grinded for use in, among other things, calf and piglet milk powders.

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  • New: Limestone Flower

    New: Limestone Flower

    As of 1 January 2022, Nifraco will have a new product line in its range; ultra-fine ground lime, originating from the Dutch drinking water companies, both GMP+ and FSSC22000.

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  • New commercial director

    New commercial director

    As of December 1, 2021, Wim Pijnenburg and Ad van Dooren have officially transferred their activities at Van Zutven Feed Processing to Marco van Boheemen.

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Van Zutven

Corporate Social Responsibility

We do not use natural gas and have more than 3.000 solar panels on the roof.