Van Zutven biedt u de oplossing

New construction, development, solutions

A fire, and then...

After a fire almost completely destroyed our company, we have been working hard on the reconstruction. First of all, we have invested much time and energy into quickly restarting specific activities to ensure continuity for our customers.

New construction

Further reconstruction work continued, based on the latest technical and technological developments and our many years of experience. By using stainless steel for all the equipment and other contact parts, our entire process has now been set up at FOOD level. Contamination is no longer an issue thanks to residue-free powder processing. In addition, all our process spaces are now air-conditioned.

At Van Zutven, Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, is reflected in the very low CO2 footprint. We use solar panels to generate energy, reuse residual heat that is released, and generate geothermal heat with heat pumps.


Most process lines are currently operational again, including:

Residual flow processing

For unpacking outdated/off-spec products from cans and sachets and processing them into products for the feed industry.


For mixing and standardising powders.

Total unburdening

Van Zutven can once again completely unburden powder production and processing companies.


From (semi) bulk to small packages (big bags and paper bags) and vice versa.

Soon we will also be able to grind products in any desired fraction distribution, using an advanced fine-grinding installation.


Our in-house laboratory and technology department enable us to offer a fast and adequate solution for any powder handling issues.

We are currently working hard to finalise the reconstruction process. We will provide more information soon via the website.